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University Professor, University of Bonn, Chair

Laboratory of Experimental Epileptology and Cognition Research
Department of Epileptology, Life & Brain Center
University of Bonn, Medical School
Sigmund-Freud Str. 25, D-53105 Bonn/Germany
German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE) Bonn
Ludwig-Erhard-Allee 2, D-53175 Bonn/Germany

+49-228 6885 270/215
+49-228 6885 294
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1999 - 1994 MD, University of Cologne, Medical School
1994 Doctoral thesis, Prof. Heinemann, Department of Psychology, University of Coogne
Habilitation, University of Bonn


Academic Career

1994 - 1995 Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Epileptology, University of Bonn
1995 - 2001 Research associate, Department of Epileptology, University of Bonn
2004 C3 Professor of Experimental Epileptology, University of Bonn
2005 Parallel appointment, Head, NeuroPlasticity Translational Research Unit, Life & Brain
Since 2011 W3 Professor of Experimental Epileptology, University of Bonn


Awards and Honors

1994 Award of a ‘Summa cum laude’ for MD thesis work
1996 Young Investigator Award of the International League against Epilepsy
1999 International Michael Prize
2000 Alfred-Hauptmann Prize for Epilepsy Research
2001 Bennigsen-Foerder Prize of the Ministry of Education, NRW
2001 - 2004 Heisenberg-Fellow of the DFG
2015 Cure Distinguished Lecture, Boston USA


Memberships and professional functions


2015 - Vice Chair, International Max Planck Research School IMPRS 'Brain and Behavio', Bonn, Germany and Jupiter, Florida.
2012 - Associate Editor, Journal of Neuroscience, Editor, Epilepsia
2012 - 2016 Chair, Bonn International Graduate School 'BIGS Neuroscience', University of Bonn, Germany.
2010 - 2013 Founder and Chair, SciMed Doctoral College for Medical Students, University of Bonn, Germany
2013 - 2015 President, German Epilepsy Society
2012 - 2013 Vice-President, German Epilepsy Society


Recent publications

    1. Pabst, M., Braganza, O., Dannenberg, H., Rosen, J., van Loo, K., Deisseroth, K., Schoch, S., Becker, A., Beck, H. (2016) Astrocytic intermediaries of septohippocampal cholinergic transmission. Neuron, in press.

    2. Royeck, M., Kelly, T., Opitz, T., Otte, D.M., Rennhack, A., Woitecki, A., Pitsch, J., Becker, A., Schoch, S., Kaupp, U.B., Yaari, Y., Zimmer, A., Beck, H. (2015) Downregulation of spermine augments dendritic persistent Na+ currents and synaptic integration after status epilepticus. J. Neurosci., 35:15240-53.

    3. Dannenberg, H., Pabst, M., Schoch, S., Schwarz, M., Niediek, J., Mormann, F., Beck, H. (2015) Direct vs. indirect effects of cholinergic septal neurons on hippocampal networks. J. Neurosci., 35(22):8394-410.

    4. Kabanova, A., Pabst, M., Lorkowski, M., Braganza, O., Nikbakht, N., Musgrove, R., Di Monte, D.A:, Sauvage, M., Beck, H., and Blaess, S. (2015) Temporally restricted Sonic Hedgehog signaling in midbrain dopaminergic precursors is required for generation of a mesocortical inhibitory circuit. Nat. Neurosci.18(6):872-82.

    5. Döser, A., Dickhof, G., Reitze, M., Uebachs, M., Soares da Silva, P., Beck, H. (2015) Targeting pharmacoresistant epilepsy and epileptogenesis with a dual-purpose antiepileptic drug. 138 (2)371-387.

    6. Thome, C., Kelly, T., Yanez, A., Schultz, C., Engelhardt, M., Cambridge, S.B., Both, M., Draguhn, A., Beck, H., Egorov, A.V. (2014) Axon-carrying dendrites of CA1 pyramidal cells convey privileged synaptic input. Neuron  83;1418-1430.  

    7. Krüppel R, Remy S, Beck H (2011) Dendritic integration in hippocampal dentate granule cells. , 71:512-528.

    8. Remy S, Csicsvari J, Beck H. (2009) Activity-dependent control of neuronal output by local and global dendritic spike attenuation. Neuron, 61: 906-916. 
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