Project brief description

Project brief description

Section A: Synaptic Homeostasis and Plasticity

Section B: Dendritic Integration and Control of Micronetwork Excitability

Section C: Control of network activity and formation of functional neuronal ensembles

Section D: Relation of functional neuronal networks to behaviour and cognition

Platform P01 and P02

A06 Susanne Schoch Regulation of inhibitory synaptic connections and distal neuronal complexity by the Ste20-like kinase SLK
B01 Stefan Remy Subcortical control of neuronal activity in the hipocampal formation
C01 Martin Fuhrmann, Stefan Remy The role of long-range inhibitory projections for learning and memory deficits under AD-like conditions
C03 Karen van Loo, Albert J. Becker Mechanisms of zinc-sensitive metal-regulatory transcription factor 1 induction of hippocampal epileptic network activity
C05 Dr. Oberländer Inhibitory control of cortical output
D03 Florian Mormann Semantically invariant responses of single units as building blocks of episodic memory
D04 Nikolai Axmacher, Jürgen Fell Interrelation between intracranial EEG activity, local field potentials and action potentials during memory encoding and retrieval in the human mediotemporal lobe