P03 Advanced neuronal circuit labeling and behavioral analysis

Advanced neuronal circuit labeling and behavioral analysis

The last century has experienced a boost in light microscopy as well as anatomical labeling and tracing techniques that rapidly advanced our understanding of form and function of neuronal circuits (Osten and Margrie 2013). Especially the possibility to quickly image entire mouse brains combined with the possibility of cell-type specific transsynaptic tracing has opened the door to neuroanatomical studies at an unpreceded level. The major goal of the “Neuronal circuit tracing and 3D imaging” platform is the development and application of virus-based transsynaptic tracers and the visualization of brain circuits with novel light microscopic techniques (3D confocal microscopy, Light sheet fluorescence microscopy, Expansion microscopy) in order to chart long-range as well as local connectivity patterns within the mouse brain providing a link between structure and function.

In summary, we offer a methodological platform that utilizes RABV-mediated trans-neuronal tracing, tissue clearing and subsequent high resolution LSFM-imaging of neuronal circuits in the context of whole mouse brains. Moreover, we offer the possibility for super-resolution volume imaging of select synaptic circuits by ExM.

Thus, this platform will support the SFB groups studying functional properties of neuronal circuits with comprehensive anatomical data to facilitate functional analysis by analyzing the underlying circuit structure.