Dr. Laura Ewell

Dr. Laura Ewell

Freigeist Junior Group Leader


Phone: +49-228-6885-157

Email: Laura.Ewell@ukbonn.de


2004 B.s. at University of Wisconsin – Madison
2010 Ph.D in Physiology at the University of Wisconsin – Madison


Academic Career

2010 – 2017 Postdoctoral Fellow in the Laboratory of Jill Leutgeb, University of California
Since 2017 Freigeist Junior Group Leader in the Department of Epileptology, University of Bonn


Awards and Honors

2002 Undergraduate Research Scholar
2004 Jeanne P. Marandan Award
2004 Germaine E. Mercier Scholarship
2007 American Epilepsy Foundation Predoctoral Fellow
2007 Vilas Travel Award
2008 Society for Neuroscience Madison Chapter Travel Award
2009 All Campus Teaching Assistant Award – Excellence in Service
2012 Ruth L. Kirchstein National Research Service Award – Postdoctoral Fellowship
2013 CURE Foundation Young Investigator Travel Award
2015 Anticonvulsant Drug Development Symposium Young Investigator Travel Award
2016 CURE Taking Flight
2016 Freigeist Fellowship


Five most important publications

Madar, A.*, Ewell, L.A.*, Jones M.V., 2017 Pattern separation of spiketrains by individual granule cells of the dentate gyrus. Submitted and preprinted at bioRxiv 107706; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/107706


Lippi, G., Fernandes, C.C., Ewell, L.A., Romoli, B., Curia G., Taylor S.R., Frady, E.P., Jensen, A.B., Liu J.C., Chaabane, M.M., Belal, C., Nathanson, J.L., Zoli, M., Leutgeb, J.K., Biagini G., Yeo G.W., and Berg, D.K., 2016 MicroRNA – 101 Regulates Multiple Developmental Programs to Constrain Excitation in Adult Neural Networks. Neuron, 92(6):1337-1351


Ewell, L.A., Liang, L., Armstrong, C., Soltesz, I., Leutgeb.,S, Leutgeb., J.K., 2015 Brain state is a major factor in pre-seizure hippocampal network activity and influences success of seizure intervention. J. Neurosci., 35(47): 15635-48


Piatti, V.C.*, Ewell, L.A.*, Leutgeb J., 2013 Neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus: carrying the message or dictating the tone. Front. Neurosci., 7:50


Ewell, L.A., Jones M.V., 2010. Frequency-tuned distribution of inhibition in the dentate gyrus. J. Neurosci. 30(38), 12597-607