Dr. Johannes Seelig

Dr. Johannes Seelig

Group leader

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1997-2002  Diploma in Physics, minor in molecular biology, University of Basel, Switzerland

2002-2006  Ph.D. Student, Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Academic Career:

2006-2007 Postdoctoral researcher at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

2007-2011 Postdoctoral Associate, Janelia Research Campus, USA

2011-2015 Research Specialist, Janelia Research Campus, USA

since 2016 Free Floating Max Planck Research Group Leader, research center caesar, Bonn


5 most important publications

  1. Turner-Evans, D., Wegener, S., Rouault, H., Franconville, R., Wolff, T., Seelig, J.D., Druckmann, S. & Jayaraman, V. (2017) “Angular velocity integration in a fly heading circuit” eLife 6, e23496
  2. Seelig, J.D. & Jayaraman, V. (2015) “Neural dynamics for landmark orientation and angular path integration” Nature 521, 186 – 191
  3. Seelig, J.D. & Jayaraman, V. (2013) “Feature detection and orientation tuning in the Drosophila central complex” Nature 503, 262 – 266
  4. Chiappe, M.E., Seelig, J.D., Reiser, M.B. & Jayaraman, V. (2010) “Walking modulates speed sensitivity in Drosophila motion vision” Curr. Biol. 20, 1470 – 1475
  5. Seelig, J.D., Chiappe, M.E., Lott, G.K., Dutta, A., Osborne, J.E., Reiser, M.B. & Yayaraman, V. (2010) “Two-photon calcium imaging from head-fixed Drosophila during optomotor walking behavior” Nature Methods 7, 535 – 540